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How to Find a Mold Source – Is There Such a Thing?

Published by Allegra on November 5, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Mold Source Howard CountyIs there such a thing as a mold source? Yes, there is.

If you are someone with allergies or asthma, then you already know about the different effects dust and mold can have on your breathing and overall health. If you don’t, then it is crucial to understand that mold can cause severe health problems such as wheezing, coughing, as well as irritation on skin and the throat.

Even though you can’t control your exposure to mold in public spaces or outdoors, you can keep a check on it in your home. There are different measures that you can take in order to prevent mold growth in your house as well as rely on mold removal companies to get rid of any mold and mildew infestations.

However, before doing anything, it is important to understand what is the source of mold in your house or property. Each home or building has essential ingredients needed for mold spores to grow.

This could be oxygen, darkness, dust, warmth, or even a simple surfaces for them to grow on. If you add moisture to this mix, mold spores can multiply pretty easily. Warm weather, a water leak, or even high levels of humidity provide mold with extremely favourable conditions to grow. If you find out where mold is growing in your home it helps you treat the situation and prevent further infestations.

Here, we will highlight key places where you need to check for mold growth. These mold sources will help you create a prevention plan so that your house can be safe to breathe in once again:

Key Places For Mold Growth In Your Kitchen

Mold growth can can easily take place behind the sink or even in forgotten leftovers in your fridge.

Microwave And Stove

These places are not foreign to grease and food spills which is something that all kind of mold loves to grow on. It is important for you to keep these things clean in order to prevent mold and mildew growth.

The Pantry And Refrigerator

Be very careful of expired food because it can attract mold. It is crucial for you to remove any left over waste from your fridge if it’s not utilised. Water dispensers and fridge drip trays are another place for mold to grow rapidly. All these surfaces should be washed and wiped down regularly in order to prevent any mold infestations.

Other than this, always keep an eye on trash cans, cutting boards, windowsills, and even the area behind the kitchen sink and stove. These are ideal places for mold spores to multiply because they get enough warmth, humidity, water, and food to feed off of.

Key Sources Of Mold In Your Bathroom

If you love warm baths and warm showers, you are not alone – mold does too. If you want to save your bathroom from mold growth, you have to have proper ventilation and regular bathroom cleaning sessions.

Shower And Bathtub

One of the most common places for mold to grow in bathrooms are your bathtubs and showers. With repeated usage, these areas become damp giving mold spores the perfect temperature and environment to thrive. Other than this, shower heads, faucets, shower curtains, and tile grout can also house mold pretty easily.

The Toilet And Bathroom Sink

Since these places have plenty of water, they are prone to mold growth. From surfaces to the backside, if these places are not properly cleaned and wiped, they can become a proper source of mold. Check your toothbrush holder, bathroom sink, pipe backsides, sink cupboards and everything the water touches in order to look for mold in your bathroom.

If you place bathroom cleaning supplies inside your bathroom, any moisture left behind can also help mold grow.

Check For Mold Growth In Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are not a popular place for mold, as compared to the bathroom and the kitchen. But do check in your bedroom just in case.

Windows And Windows Sills

In some weather conditions, windows can collect condensation due to humid environments. This is problematic because it can help mold grow. If your windows sills finds any kind of moisture, you will have a mold problem on your hands.

Heating Vents And Air Conditioning

If you have air conditioning units installed in your bedrooms, it is very possible for mold to thrive in the vents. So it is important for you to always keep a check on the ventilation as well as insulation in your home to prevent mold growth.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt in the fact that nobody wants to grow mold in their home. If you have a mold and mildew infestation problem in your home, it is important for you to hire a mole removal company such as 911 Restoration of Howard County. Even though taking action against mold can feel like a hassle, but it is the correct thing to do for the long run. Not only will it saves you from getting sick but it will also save your house and structural properties from damages.

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